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Here's my newsletter for October 2019

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

WHO – Word and Vision has formed a relationship with CaptureCom LLC, a local video production company owned by Scott Zuchlewski, and with Ethan Voyles, a talented digital video editor. As our partners, Scott and Ethan can turn your video dreams into reality with high-end production values in a cost-effective way. CaptureCom excels in taking a well-crafted script (that’s where we come in), adding interviews, b-roll footage, graphics, music to develop a polished product just. Ethan mastered the art of gathering unedited files and turning them into something special while working for the Ann Arbor Film Festival over two years. It’s time to think about entering the visual world of digital video for your storytelling.

WHAT Have you thought about doing an e-newsletter like this for you or your clients? There are many tools available (everyone has heard of Mailchimp) but they take time to learn. If you want help with this side of communications, Word and Vision can design, prepare and manage your e efforts. This approach offers your customers and potential clients a new way of hearing you. We realize there are probably too many e-newsletters filling our inboxes. So, it is noisy out there, but that shouldn’t deter you from trying something new. Put your mailing list or contacts to work digitally. We can help you utilize them to full impact.

WHENWord and Vision is going on the road to meet with an organization that is interested in upping its communications game. We love to travel, it inspires us and allows us to focus on what is special about places – the people and community around the country and the globe. If you’d love to showcase your culture, your people or your community, we are ready to pack our bags any time and journey forth to visit you. Stay tuned for some awesome photos from my camera.

WHEREA lot of people use stock photos for their communications. If you are paying for these materials, now is the time to reconsider. Do you really want to showcase your business with images of people no-one knows? Better to photograph your team and facilities, and utilize the “real thing.” It is far more powerful for your customers to see who you really when they visit your website or read your brochure than to create a misplaced mystique with stock art. Certainly, there is an expense to photos but the investment will pay off with a visual brand that is real and that matches actually who you are. Time to find a new "where" for your visual approach.

WHYYour brand is important for a number of reasons. First, it identifies who you are and sets you apart from the competition. Second, your brand is how you are perceived by world and offers an emotional connection to clients and customers. Third, it showcases your company’s culture as seen in your values, your mission and goals as an organization. Lastly, your brand tells the world around who you are, what your stand for and how you view yourself. Overwhelming ? It can be a bit to get our arms around. Nothing easy is easy to explain, let alone dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to. That’s why your personal story is often wrapped up in your brand. Want to figure out what your brand is ? Word and Vision Consulting can help.

HOWRecently I wrote a blog about how to relate the term “CMYK” to your marketing approach. Now seems a like a good time to explain a key aspect in printing. CMYK stands for the four colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) that make up a “four-color process” needed to print something. Monitors, televisions and phone screens use RGB but you cannot effectively print many unique colors. If your brand calls for a specific blue, for example, a CMYK formula will be critical to showcasing that brand (often expressed in our logo or mark). Next time your design team or printer talks about CMYK keep in mind that there are focused on ensuring who you are is expressed in colors that properly representing you and your company.

I am the founder and artistic director of Word and Vision Consulting. I hope you enjoy my photographs from Lake Michigan in October.

I am available to help you. Please reach out to me at 734-716-9727 or email me below. Let us share stories...

This is my word, this is my vision.

Ken Voyles

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