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I Dare You To Read This

“I will sit right down, waiting for the gift of sound and vision.” David Bowie

I’m back. That’s right, after being in hiding, literally and figuratively, for the past few months, I'm stepping out for some proverbial fresh air. Like you, I am sick and tired of this pandemic, and not being able to take my company forward while waiting for something to change.  Well, I’ve had it, and I’m not giving in just because of this virus or anything else. It’s time to stop fooling around and talk about how Word and Vision Consulting can help you in the post-pandemic era we are soon going to find ourselves.  Clearly, if you’re not interested, stop reading right now and feel free to unsubscribe. But if you are honest with yourself and realize you need my singular expertise…listen closely: MARKETING AND GOOD PR IS MORE IMPORTANT NOW THAN EVER. Let’s face it, some of you no doubt have companies that are in trouble, just like mine. Many of you may wonder what the future holds, and maybe you’re not completely prepared to reinvent what you do, who you are, and how your business will or will not work in the days, months, years ahead. Sure, you can try and do that on your own. You’re a smart person. Look how far you’ve come already. But are you ready to wade deeply into the SM (social media) world? Are you prepared to change your identity even as you also have to change how you operate, function, process and proceed into this new world? Can you tell your own story in words or with vision? (Hope you got the little play on words with the last one.) Colleagues, this is about your future success. Great products and services sometimes sell themselves, but mostly they have to be sold through technology, financial acumen, marketing, and good storytelling (that’s me!) and a willingness to adapt. Here’s what you’ll need now more than ever, and where I can help: Writing. And plenty of it. Good writing, especially for remote communications platforms like social media and the digital marketing universe, is essential. Making ideas stick is not my phrase but it’s one I embrace wholeheartedly. I'm sorry, but most business leaders know very little about writing. That's why you need me. Identity creation. Who and what will you be in the future? How will you explain or re-explain your services, products, and team to people needing your help in new and unknown ways? That’s called branding. I can help give you a new identity even as you mold and reshape the old one. Images. I’m talking photography mostly. Capturing who you are visually can be a real challenge. I can create photos of you and your team, what you do every day and how you do it. And I’ve even figured out how to do it with minimal to no direct contact. Marketing. I can use email (digital) marketing, social media platforms and tools; I can create simple websites; and I make great designs, eye-stopping layouts, and even write and produce videos. My resume is awash with all of this stuff. I can handle it all, and I also know people who can help me help you, if and when I need additional support. In the end, it’s all about storytelling, and that’s why Word and Vision was created.  Like David Bowie said in his song, “Sound and Vision,” a song that inspired this consulting firm’s nom de plume: “Don’t you wonder sometimes …about sound and vision?” (I replaced sound with word, obviously.) So, if you DO wonder about how Word and Vision can assist you, feel free to contact me. Face mask me. Zoom me. Link up with me. Send me a twitter. Type up a text. Snail or speed mail me. Give me an old fashioned ring.   There you have it. It feels good to be out of hiding. And now I’m out. Peace.

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