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Why I Blog ?

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Writing is at the center of what Word and Vision

offers its clients, and, in today’s day and age, a great tool for showcasing a company is to write about them, for them or with them using the tool commonly called a blog.

Blogs can be factual, they can tell stories. Blogs can share insight and information, be fun and funny, be highly serious. Ultimately, they work as another communications tool in a long list of resources we have to share our story.

I write blogs because they allow me to showcase my expertise, to share what I have learned along the path of life, or more specifically my professional skill set. As a writer, I would hope you would find my blogs well written, conveying something of value and not just a waste of your time.

So, there is really is. In this world we have so little time to devote to learning that when we do, when we take the time to read something, it surely better offer us a high value or return on our investment of time.

Certainly, you’ll hear from others about how blogs help in your communications – things like market presence, highlighting the brand, sharing a new service, program or staff member, and so much more. I don’t want to use what limited time I have with you to talk about any of those things.

For me blogging is writing. Simple. It’s a way to express myself to a wider audience of friends and colleagues who are looking for a moment away from the real world and who yearn for a time when we turned off the computer, put away personal communications devices (or never had them) and concentrate instead on something meaningful, think-time, they use to call it. Reflection and reading go hand-in-hand and as leaders we need this time as much as any meeting. In fact crave time another to think, to study or read, and yet we find so little of it.

So, please don’t read this blog to stuff your head with still more facts, or another endless list of “what to dos.”

Instead enjoy the quiet moment created by words on paper (or a screen) where it is only you and me, where we connect in a fundamental way that is slowed down just bit, that offers a little more depth of thought and gives each of us a unique way to shape us and mold us, into good leaders, faithful spouses, devoted children, dedicated parents and spirit-filled humans.

To me a blog is my story, nothing less, yet something more.

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